The Beginning

I’ve gone through many stresses, fought through emotional pain, and nearly given up over dozens of times before beginning this sentence. I finally feel ready to start yet another journey.

Let me start a little bit before the misery became unbearable…

I had just finished nursing school. I relocated my two kids and I to be where my military husband was stationed. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. I had this vision of the career that I wanted. This vision carried me through four years of a nursing degree. I never wavered from what I thought I wanted. I was driven and persevered through so many obstacles to get that damn degree. When I relocated, I applied to only one hospital. The hospital of my dreams. Unfortunately, the unit that I wanted to work on was not hiring…there was only one unit that was hiring at the time. I applied for the only position available and got hired. Fast forward four months into my first year as a nurse, 10 people had already quit our unit. The unit was majorly understaffed, high acuity, increased patient to nurse ratio, and I am HATING life. I hated what I was doing. I stayed stressed for days and dreaded coming into work. I wasn’t the only one experiencing this. My best friend in nursing school quit nursing almost completely and went to her old job in finance.

My job made me question everything about life. The stress of the job made me question what really did make me happy. The patients that I worked with made me realize that  having choices are what allow us to feel hopeful and taking action is what creates our life and our experiences….

I decided that I was going to be deliberate with my choices despite how miserable and trapped I felt. I was going to create a spiritual, adventure-filled, wildly thrilling, creative, joyous life.

This blog is to document and share my progress and setbacks with this wild adventure.






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