The Habit of Creating


Today was my first day off after 5 days of working. Last night I did overtime, which made it a 16 hour day. In the last 4 hours of my shift I thought it would be smooth sailing, but I had a patient’s family completely go off on me. I wanted to break down so badly. I felt myself on the verge of tears, but something came over me. I knelt down and got eye level with her and asked her what was wrong. Basically, she was worried and didn’t understand what was going on with her family member. I calmly answered all of her questions. I felt relief that I could solve her problem and be useful. It felt good.

I pretty much slept on and off today, trying to recover from the work madness. I was trying to find inspiration/motivation to write SOMETHING…ANYTHING in this new blog that I’ve created and it hit me while skimming through one of my favorite Instagram pages, “just try to create everyday”.  With those thoughts in mind, I hopped on my bike at sunset (belly full of cake and candy from stress-eating), phone in hand, ready to take pictures, feel the warm air to lift my sugar fog, and gaze at the sky.

I relaxed into the moments of quiet pedaling, watching others with their dogs, no agenda, no pressure to create any results. I love not having to be good at what I create. I want the “act” of creation to change me. I snapped this picture thinking of how grateful I am to have such a view.

I would love the habit of creating to become more a part of what I do, and essentially who I am. I’ve learned that we all have the desire to create in some way or another.


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