Burnt Out


Took this picture in my front yard, beautiful golden sunset, while I anxiously imagine my alarm clock going off tomorrow morning at 5 AM.

I hate my job.

I’ll admit it to anyone. Four years of nursing school (four hellish years), and here I am paying student loans on a career I’m not sure I’m cut out for. It’s rare to find a nurse that loves their job….especially on my floor. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a nurse on a med-surg floor say they loved their job. Most of the people that I’ve been hired on with have either quit, or are planning on it…..which brings me to this whole life project, and this blog.

Enough whining…more explaining.

I want to live an extraordinary life. I’m surrounding by death and dying all. day. long. I care for people that have most of their choices taken away from them. Most of them have a lot of regrets.

I want to live a life of adventure, love, kindness, meaning, and spirituality. I want to have amazing experiences and live life deliberately….and I want it all to start right where I stand. I don’t want to wait for a new job, a better house, some amazing opportunity to land in my lap. I want an amazing life today….and this is what I’ve discovered:

  • it takes a lot of work!
  • it’s uncomfortable
  • I have to force myself to take action that I don’t want to
  • it’s constant, daily action
  • ….I’m not sure if it even works yet…

In some later posts I’ll tell you some of the action that I’ve taken and some of my experiments that have fallen through.

Meanwhile…I must brace myself for work in the morning.

Sending out good vibes to you all!





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