Project: Life Experiences

I work with really sick people. Dying people. People begging for more time to live. It profoundly impacts me. I listen to their stories and experiences with their loved ones. Their adventures. They don’t talk about money (at least not when they’re fondly reflecting back on their past, maybe out of fear for the futures of their family). This daily experience I have with people truly suffering is what lead me to my first deliberate life experience project: I want to travel one-on-one with each of my loved ones and do some kind of adventure, go somewhere, see something…experience life like a child!

I have presented this to a few friends and loved ones and need to tell a few more. I would love to say that everyone was super excited, but a couple have brushed me off. Some are really excited and taking me seriously, while others think I’m “grandiose”. Some have made plans with me, but are giving me hints that they’re not ready. I am working through all the negative reactions and am realizing that not everyone is comfortable with breaking out of their normal routine. Even me.

The first adventure I’m going on is to BALI!!!! With my mom!!! We’ve always seemed to have a strained relationship, so this is an amazing opportunity! I’ll tell you alll about it in other post. You would think I would be really excited right?! Well, I am! Butttttt, I realized that I would be away from my kids for the first.time.since.their.birth. Yep, never been far away from my kids. Never been to an Asian country. It’s been a long time since I’ve even been out of the country. Ummmmm….can we drink the water there…..uhhhhh, what currency do they even use? Shit, I’m going to have to take time off from work…how do I even do that?! On and on and on…the fear…feeling uncomfortable….possibly dragging my feet.

Needless to say, I’m still working past my fears, but it’s still happening in OCTOBER!!

Point is: just jump head first into creating a beautiful, colorful, adventure filled life. If it’s meaningful to you, you will find a way to make it happen.


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