Defining: Raising Consciousness

My younger sister and I talk on the phone frequently. She lives in Washington, I live in Florida. Here is a typical conversation that we have:

Her: Hey!

Me: ugh, hey…

Her: Hmmm… How’s your consciousness?

Me:  Eh, I’ve been working a lot, I haven’t had a lot of down time, I haven’t done anything creative, I’m overloaded with sugar, and my house is a disaster….

Her: Well, what actions are you gonna take? Did you run? Or Clean? You should really clean…

Me: Okay…I’m only scrubbing the toilet though…that’s it, that’s all I’m doing…

Her: Call me back when you’re done.

—-10 minutes later—–

Her: Hey, how’s your consciousness now?!

Me: OMG, it’s definitely better. It shifted everything for me. I feel so much better. THANK YOU! You’re a miracle worker…blahblablahblah..

Her: …Yeah…uh, I really didn’t do anything

Yeah…I know really thrilling conversation, but it illustrates what my sister and I consistently do to keep each other in check by raising our consciousness. I have no idea how exactly to define raising consciousness other than this: taking deliberate action to positively change one’s mood, attitude, spiritual/mental/physical state, which thus raises awareness of the creative flow/ ideas that were previously blocked. It’s pretty simple, take an action, change your reality. I have a friend that says, “Move a muscle, change a thought”.

The actions can be really simple. I break mine down into different categories, the first and most important: daily action.

Think about it: What actions make you feel better? What actions do you need to do? What have you been delaying?





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