Daily Habits to Raise Consciousness

I’ve already shared one of my daily habits, running.

Daily habits are the foundation to raising consciousness. One 7 minute run isn’t as powerful as a 12 day streak of daily runs. Stringing together days builds and creates a habit.

To begin, I decided that beginning three habits a day would be a good start. I started with what caused me the most pain in my life. 1. energy level and anxiety. Work was tortuous for me. I had horrible anxiety the day before going into work. I decided I was going to “take back my day”. I was going to start my day for me, to spiritually connect to nature, to admire the beauty in the day before I had to rush around taking care of others, under fluorescent lighting and a rare glimpse outside. I made the habit simple. 5-7 minutes every morning before work was easy to maintain. After you string a few days together, the actions transforms. It becomes beautiful, to me, like a prayer.

My 2nd area of pain was my connection to my higher power/God. I would say a prayer hurriedly out the door while putting on my shoes. Not very high quality. What has worked for me in the past has been to write to God. I started doing “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron a couple months ago (still stuck on week 3), and she suggests to do at least three pages of streaming consciousness a day. I’m happy to say that that is now easy for me to do. I don’t always do three (if I push snooze a few times), but I want to do three pages. It raises my consciousness in amazing ways.

The 3rd area, I am ashamed to say is cleaning. I’ve never been a big cleaner. Pile of junk on the floor? Just step over it! Cleaning changes my consciousness more than the other two habits. I started cleaning off the table before work. However, I slowly started skipping it in the mornings. I’m not proud to say…I have not been able to maintain any kind of “streak” or habit of doing it. When I’m tired, it’s the very first thing to go. I think it raises my consciousness more than the others because I have major resistance to it. If I find a solution I will let you know! #workinprogress

In short, I started with the areas in my life that were causing me pain. I made sure the habits were simple and easy to do. It’s okay if it doesn’t work, try again, make it easier/simpler, or try something else! Guarantee you will see your life change from simple actions everyday!!

Think about it: What three areas are you struggling with? Write them down, simplify them and do it as soon as you can. Make note of the date that you start on a calendar to look back and see your progress. It’s truly amazing what can come out of such simple actions!

Thank you for stopping by!! Sending you love and good vibes!


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