How I’m Surviving My Shitty Job

Anxiety the day before work?

-“Yep, that’s me”

Does the thought of going to your job make you feel like you hate your life?

-Raises hand slowly

Are you questioning the meaning of life and even your own existence because of your shitty job?

-Nods head emphatically

Well, you’re in good company my friend, I do too. Let me share with you how I’m coping.

My Shitty Job Survival List:

  1. Before you start your work day, make the day yours. Claim it. I’ve mentioned here and here what I like to do to claim my day. This is so incredibly important. It shifts my mind, body, and spirit. Who I am, what I stand for, what I want in life is much much BIGGER than this job. Who I am and what brings meaning to my life takes priority over a miserable job that brings in money. Start the day celebrating YOU.
  2.  End the day de-stressing. As soon as I get into my car, I’m on my phone calling someone in my network of people I trust. Seriously. Phone a friend. If the first person I call doesn’t answer, I go on down my phone list until someone does (especially if it’s been a particularly bad day). Talking on the phone isn’t your thing? Journal. Point is: get all the thinking and over-analyzing out of YOUR BRAIN. If you don’t it will sit and fester; you will take your shitty job home with you.
  3. Find something positive in your job to cling to. I happen to like most of the people I work with. I am getting amazing experiences and am learning through my high stress job. Maybe your pay is decent. Whatever you find, remind yourself of it when you’re wading through your shitty day. Use it as a mantra like me, here’s an example: Someone is screaming in my face and telling me I’m not doing enough for their loved one, Me: “this is teaching me how to maintain my composure, trouble shoot quickly, and learn not to take someone else’s fear and pain personally”
  4. Make your life outside of your job bigger. Always wanted to go sky diving?! Do it! Just fucking do it. Seriously. Make it happen. Stop thinking and do it your next day off. Life is meant to be lived extraordinarily right now, in this moment. If anything, watching people slowly die all day long has made me realize two things, 1. as we age/get diseases/lose abilities, our choices start to diminish until all we can do is sit in a hospital bed and WAIT for other people to take care of us (so stop fucking waiting now). 2. Life is made up of experiences. PERIOD. THE END.  That’s it! So, quick self-inventory: what kind of experiences have you had lately? When was the last time you felt exhilarated to be alive? When was the last time you thought to yourself, “life is fucking amazing, I’m so grateful to be alive!” If you can’t remember, you’re doing life all WRONG.
  5. Have a meaningful life quest. This kind of ties into #4, but this is more than just a weekend of skydiving and experiences. Do you know why you’re here on earth? Can you articulate what you’re passionate about? If not, you have a lot of beautiful self-searching to do and that’s okay! I’m still trying to discover exactly what mine is too! When you find even just a glimpse of it, start taking action. Let’s say, when you were little, you used to pretend to be a veterinarian and you think about it occasionally. Go be around animals. Go volunteer at a shelter. Pay attention to your thoughts and how you feel. The experience could ignite something, OR maybe it turns out you hate animals. Point is: you’ve answered the lingering “what-if” in the back of your mind and you can move on to other ideas that you have instead of clinging to the one old idea that you would’ve never enjoyed. This life is one big experiment!! Test out your ideas!
  6. Have your escape planned out. I read this message almost daily at one of my favorite instagrammer’s feed (@thugunicorn): “You are worthy!” We deserve to have a job that we love, or at least can freaking tolerate. Begin by just looking. What jobs are available to you right now? What do you want? The place where you want to work isn’t hiring? Send out a resume anyway! Your job doesn’t even exist?! Start imagining and creating. Start talking to people you admire. START DOING SOMETHING. Take action. While thinking and planning are all good in theory, staying in your head gets nothing done. Ask people questions. Google shit. DO some research….like right now. Yep, just click right up there, open a new tab and type in your question….Good job! Now just follow the rabbit hole of questions, answers and ideas. The universe will guide you, but you’ve got to do the action.

Thank you all for stopping by. Sending you love and good vibes. If your Sunday night-shitty-job-anxiety is kicking in remember: it’s not forever and you’re not alone. Email me or comment if you need to vent!





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